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Your Garden Area

The bespoke design behind these “Garden Sites” is based around Raised Beds, providing a good workable height for small children and adults. They are easily maintained and accessible and all allow a good return of produce for their size.

Their dimensions can be adapted to suit your requirements and site location.All timber is pre-treated, the beds are lined with Visqueen to prolong and protect the life of them. Only screened Top Soil is used in all growing beds. Alternative walkway materials can be used to suit different needs ie. Paving to allow wheelchair access or Bark chips for the more sustainable option or Gravel if preferred. Other features include: bespoke Compost units, Pergola seating areas,Water butts, Sheds, Fencing and many more unique to your site can be incorporated.

Our initial FREE design & consultation process is aimed at providing the best possible service to make your site unique to you.