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The Outdoor Classroom


These garden projects not only promote healthy eating and active lifestyles, but also allow children to escape the everyday indoor classroom environment. Some of the children may respond better to being outdoors and the more “hands on” approach to learning, rather than the obvious restraints of a conventional classroom.

These garden spaces provide an excellent learning tool for the pupils, and offer a flexible and practical resource for the school or organisation. Many other subjects can benefit from these projects including:

  • Science / Biology as an example of a natural micro-environment.
  • Photography.
  • Cookery.
  • Business Enterprise – using MATHS / ENGLISH / I T skills

"LEARNING without WALLS"  can provide other options to the children to explore which would not normally be available. Allowing them to make a more informed decision regarding healthier eating and providing a background in Horticultural and Wildlife themes. Budding chefs can learn directly where their produce comes from, cultivation, growing and production methods as well as growing their own ingredients.

Business Enterprises can be set up to keep the gardens growing year after year, and can help with the financial sustainability. Pupils imagination and creativity on how to provide income streams to assist this matter can open up a whole new learning program.

 "LEARNING without WALLS" can and will be as big and successful as you want it to be.