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Latest School Posts

Spring is round the corner, so we want to get the most from our outdoor areas that were installed by Dig It Projects.The work was finished to a high and professional standard and the children love the... - Read more

We installed various play and learn equipment at Bhylls Acre school this year with the brief from the school.  They wanted items that could be used by the children while outdoors and would allow... - Read more

Bailey's Butterflies gets makeover......Dig It Projects were invited to develop further the outdoor space at the new childrens centre at Bailey Green Academy.  The childcare provision now called... - Read more

Dig It Projects have installed 2 new canopies to the building to provide much needed shade to the classrooms to these areas whilst also providing UV protection from the sun.   - Read more

Dig It Projects have refurbished our tired looking nursery area with some new fresh equipment for the children to explore and enjoy, part of the scheme was to create a challenging but safe place for the... - Read more

After the allotment style garden install, Dig It Projects returned to Lillycroft to install some extra outdoor provisions.A brilliant sturdy outdoor classroom, a fantastic trim trail adventure area, an... - Read more

Dig It Projects have returned again to us to transform an overgrown area into an inviting space - Read more

Dig It Projects recently revisited our school, to hang up our beautiful new handmade sign. The sign is made from local timber and hand painted with some garden favorites- colourful peas, carrots... - Read more

Dig It Projects have returned to our school and installed some more features to a hilly area of our garden. They added this great clatter bridge with a fun hill tunnel to go through and slippery slide... - Read more

The Bailey Green Gardening Club has been really busy making the most out of their allotment garden. It’s great to see the children having fun as they work digging, raking, weeding, planting... - Read more

The Dig It Projects team  have been installing some lovely new planters with seating in Barleyfields Primary School Artists' GardenWe included an engraved sign to lead the way to the arty natural... - Read more

Summer Maintenance at St Oswalds. We have been making sure everything is tip top in the St Oswalds garden this summer, we prevented the plants from going thirsty and stopped the weeds from going... - Read more

In addition to the allotment garden we also installed a sensory pathway and a wildlife area.  The bark chip pathway leads children past various butterfly and bee-friendly shrubs and plants, under... - Read more

Dig It have installed a new allotment garden at Mandale Mill.  The fully functional allotment is ready to be enjoyed by the children and features:A potting shed with water butt so children can learn... - Read more

The new allotment and storytelling areas at St. Oswald's RC Primary are now complete.  We are looking forward to seeing how the raised beds looked when the children have begun planting. - Read more

Latest School Comments

The Allotment garden that Dig it projects installed has brought lots of healthy learning to the school and children. They have grown lots of vegetables and learnt where their food comes from an how.... - Read more

The work looks to a very high standard and the children will get lots of enjoyment and physical exercise from using it each day.The Mud kitchen gives the children more choices and options to explore their... - Read more

Gardening Club is still going strong at Bailey Green with younger children now asking to join up - Read more

A garden spade, fork, rake and trowel. You can get them from any Home Depot or Walmart You need to dig out the turf (grass) the best way is to put the spade in straight down to about 4 5 inches,... - Read more

Looking forward to this years growing season once the frost dies down, check back for updates on our School garden club. - Read more

Marcelle CoakleyWe have a community gadren in Onslow that we would like to register, it is approx 1,400kms north west of Perth and we have just about completed all our major foundation work with an emphasis... - Read more

It is now July and I am enjoying the radishes that the gardening club have grown . They have been selling their veg. at school and I must admit it looks and tastes great. - Read more

Beautiful pictures, I'm looking forward to seeing the vegetables grown by the children. - Read more

Think its great that larger companies are putting funds forward for these worthwhile causes, especially into schools. I can see that the school will take this forward and will encourage the children... - Read more

Well done Chandler's Ridge. I hope this will encourage you to take your project further and other schools to follow suit. - Read more

Here are our pictures drawn by the children for the Dig It competition, please take a look. - Read more

We cant wait to start again next year and are also going to enter the competition which DIG IT is currently running on the site. - Read more

The beds look great its good to see the schools getting involved with growing your own The growing areas offer another facility to the schools and an important learning tool for the pupils - Read more

will the school be sellng the produce to the parents and residents of brotton in the future - Read more

The Garden plot looks great with a good selection of vegetables The Training Workshops provided by DIG IT really are worth it now we have the experience to go forward into next year - Read more