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Government ´White Paper´ Targets.

With recent Government cuts and the introduction of the new White Paper document being released back in November 2010 outlining new Ofsted targets and guidelines, DIG IT Projects would like to introduce our schemes of work and learning techniques that may benefit your School or Organistaion to hit therse targets and maintain a good Ofsted report.

Some of the new guidlines are set out below along with what DIG IT Projects can provide for your school or organisation to help reach or maintain these levels.

From August 2011 Ofsted will focus more on the following subjects and targets:

  • Improve schools Self Evaluation for Ofsted, and maintain or achieve a higher standard.
  • To focus more on behaviour and the safety of pupils.
  • Increase the Schools ´Floor Target or Floor Standard´ by achieving a higher percentage of grades, this will help the school stay open.
  • Quality of teaching.
  • Pupil achievment.
  • Leadership and Management.
  • Develop more Special Needs Schools.

"Dig It Projects believes that our schemes of work can help assist you and your School or Organisation to reach or maintain these levels set out by the Government and Ofsted."

We can set up a working allotment garden at your school as a practical facility and excellent learning tool for your pupils and teachers supported by our training workshop staff who will provide that all important knowledge and expertise in growing fresh fruit and vegetables and running an allotment garden.

We believe that by offering a more rounded approach and program of work to the education and learning sector that many more people will benefit and not just the pupils involved.

We have recently developed a series of Lesson Plans entitled ´LEARNING without WALLS´ which have been formatted onto a CD especially for teachers to follow and use.  There are 9 different subject matter contained on the CD with 17 plans in total all based around ´Growing Plants and Vegetables´.  They can be used in conjuntion with any other outdoor learning activities you may be doing or simply by themselves.  They are designed for the teachers to follow with the learning outcomes and curriculum targets set out and can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

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