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Forest School

What is Forest School?

˜Forest School is an inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a local woodland environment ˜ - Forest Education Initiative (FEI)

Based on a Scandinavian idea of embracing the outdoors as a learning environment, Forest School involves children and young people working with a qualified Forest School Leader on a frequent and regular basis throughout the year (ideally once a week) in a local woodland setting or on a designated Forest School site. Some sites have been developed on school grounds.

They follow their usual curriculum, but in an outdoor context, using learning and teaching strategies which raise self-esteem and develop confidence, independence, language and communication skills. The Forest School Leader works with the school/setting staff to carry themes looked at in the classroom into the woodland. The Forest School sessions are not an ´addition´ but are part of the children´s learning experiences, part of their school week. Sessions take place throughout the year, all seasons, all weathers unless it is dangerous for the session to take place (high winds / lightning).

Children are intrinsically motivated outdoors. The natural world stimulates their desire to learn and discover. We all learn better when we have a real interest in what we are doing.

• Many children and young people benefit from and prefer a practical element to their learning, and achieve greater levels of success in this context than a traditional classroom environment

• Behaviour and desire to learn improve and impact on achievement

• At Forest School children learn to assess and manage risks and develop life long learning skills

• Forest School has physical, social and health benefits; helping young people to enjoy physical activity outdoors in increasingly sedentary lives such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’.

• Confidence increases in the natural environment, with respect, knowledge and understanding about environmental issues locally and nationally.


Forest School takes place in all weathers and all seasons. Children and adults must be dressed appropriately as ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’.

Dig It Projects can develop an area at your School whether in an existing woodland, copse, field or un-landscaped area by creating a themed space using natural materials that blend into the surrounding environment to give it a woodland effect by installing various features such as -SEATING CIRCLE / FIRE PIT / NATURE TRAIL PATHWAY / BIRD and BUTTERFLY features / LODGE or BIRD HYDE / MINI-BEAST and HEDGE HOG HOMES / CANOPIES and SHADE / Various TREE´S, PLANTS and SHRUBS to create a natural environment. 

Forest Schools is growing nationally, for more details on how Dig It Projects can assist your school becoming a Forest School please contact us for more details.

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