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Extended Schools

DIG IT Projects has approached and met with all the Extended School coordinators for:

Redcar and Cleveland.


Stockton / Billingham.

After highlighting the benefits and our award winning services to the schools, all of the coordinators agreed that DIG IT Projects can add value to any school wishing to develop a growing area or access the growing and planting workshops we offer.

There are many great initiatives now available to all schools with Sustainable Schools, ECO schools, food for life, healthy eating and lifestyle topics, along with the "Every Child Matters" agenda, all linked in some way to living a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

These allotment areas can tackle all the above subjects and the benefits which can be gained from having these new facilities on site at the school.  They can provide that extra link in the education system to target these issues, and can tick many of the boxes when it comes to delivering "THE CORE OFFER" and meeting  "OFSTED" Targets.

Extended services have a key role to play in achieving the Every Child Matters (ECM) outcomes and the goals set out in the Children´s Plan.

This is backed up by a recent Ofsted survey which found: "The majority of the schools visited had compelling case study evidence that extended services had made life-changing differences to pupils that had led to better attendance and attitudes."

The core offer

The core offer of extended services, which all schools are expected to provide by 2010, is made up of five elements:

  • childcare (in primary and special schools)
  • a varied menu of activities including study support, sport and music clubs
  • swift and easy access to targeted and specialist services
  • parenting support including family learning, and
  • community access to facilities including adult and family learning, ICT and sports facilities.

Schools are not expected to provide these services alone, or necessarily to deliver them on site. Instead, they should work in partnership with other schools and agencies, including voluntary and community organisations, signposting existing services where appropriate. Schools are expected to consult widely with pupils, families, their own staff and the wider community to identify priorities and needs.

By providing extended services, schools will be supporting and reinforcing initiatives such as the Healthy Schools programme and fulfilling their statutory duties to promote pupil wellbeing and community cohesion, and to serve the wider community.

Research carried out by different organisations, including Ofsted, over the last four years suggests that those schools which are already offering extended services are experiencing a range of benefits, including:

  • more motivated pupils
  • better attendance and behaviour
  • more engaged and better equipped parents
  • greater willingness to adopt healthier lifestyles, and
  • better community access to local services.


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