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DIG IT recieves an ENDORSEMENT from Dr Ashok Kumar MP

We approached Dr Ashok Kumar MP, and after having a meeting explaining the projects developed so far, he was more than willing to "Endorse" our efforts and all the good work we have been doing to provide the local schools with these new facilities and "Growing Areas".

Sadly Ashok died earlier this year, he will be deeply missed by all who knew him.


Mr Richard Smith,
The White Room,
The BHive Business Centre,
Unit 3,
Skelton Industrial Estate,
Cleveland.  TS12 2LQ 
12th October 2009
Dear Mr Smith,
Following our meeting the other week, and subsequent correspondence, I am writing to express my endorsement of the work that you are doing with the DIG IT project.
I believe the work you are doing with schools in the Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council area, and, for the future, elsewhere in the North East, is a valuable tool in introducing schoolchildren to a number of experiences that will stand them in good stead in years to come.
First and foremost, they will learn the essentials of agriculture and of how food is grown for the market. They will learn that fruit and vegetables do not just come from tins or plastic polywraps !   They will learn how to eat in a healthy fashion, without addictives and artificial flavouring. They will also come to appreciate an outdoor social life, something that may impel in later life to rent and enjoy an allotment or to make productive use of a back garden.
If there is any help that I can give you in the future, I will, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.
Yours Sincerely,
Ashok Kumar M.P.
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One of DIG ITs Projects with local MPDr Ashok Kumar MP at local school - St.Josephs - LoftusLocal MP at a School which was developed by DIG IT ProjectsDr Ashok Kumar MP with DIG ITDr Ashok Kumar MP at a local school with DIG IT Projects.