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Need inspiration for your school Allotment Style Garden? Then look no further DIG IT Projects can help.   

Allotment Style Garden design ideas are a very important part of any school. If you have some space chances are that you would want to create an area for children, teachers and parents to enjoy. But it is not always possible to find out ideas for how you would want your Allotment Garden to look. So it is always better to be acquainted with some of the Allotment Garden design ideas, so that you can at least choose which one suits your area the best.
Some ideas to consider:
  • Site/Allotment Location – This doesn’t need to be in full sun as long as it gets some sunlight during the day
  • The layout of the features and area size
  • Raised Beds – Good workable height / Easy to maintain / Filled with good quality Top Soil
  • Compost Units – Good accessibility to be able to turn the waste to help decomposure and for use
  • Potting Shed / Greenhouse / Poly Tunnel – Extends your growing season / Storage / Growing of different types and Fruit and Vegetables
  • Water Butts – Can be fitted onto Potting Sheds or Greenhouses to harvest the rainwater to use on the produce
  • Seating Areas – To work from
  • Outdoor Classroom / Shelter – To work from and deliver activities
  • Wheelchair Access – Paving or other
  • Fencing – Security / Wind Barrier
  • The types of Fruit, Vegetables or Plants you would like to grow
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