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Award winning “DIG IT Projects” can supply an annual package to cover the “General Maintenance” of your Allotment area, to help keep it “SUSTAINABLE” for future use.

The package will cover the following:
  • Re-Painting of all timber structures & features – Beds / Fences / Seating / Compost Units / Sheds / other.
  • Top up the levels of Bark chippings, Top soil and other Ground coverings.
  • General Maintenance & Repair of the Features & Structures within your “Allotment / Garden area.
  • General tidy up and weeding of the raised beds and area.
Costs will depend on size of area based on a Pre-site inspection and will be given the following rating:
·         SMALL          - £160.00
·         MEDIUM       - £310.00
·         LARGE          - £595.00
Plus VAT @ standard rate. 
For further details please contact us at