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Annual Maintainance Packages

Dig It Projects can offer a Maintenance Package to cover the equipment we install and also any existing items or features from other suppliers that you may have.  We offer 6 different packages:

Option 1 – Annual inspection of equipment with advisory report of any work needed to maintain a good level of maintenance and health and safety standard, a report identifying any work needed then a cost to carry out the work.

Option 2 – Annual Maintenance visit to carry out any repairs or general maintenance including re-painting / staining of equipment or features, including fences etc.  A top up service of any bark / sand / top soil / other aggregates / turf etc. would be advised at the time and quoted for separately.  Price guide included below.

Option 3 – Top up service for any bark / sand / top soil / other aggregates / turf etc. This would be topped up annually at a set cost and completed automatically as scheduled.

Option 4 – Tidy up service.  6-monthly or annual service to clear / cut back / tidy and remove waste from any shrubbed or wild areas.

Option 5 – Holiday Maintenance.  This is specific to any planting areas or raised beds that you may be growing fruit and vegetables in throughout the year.  A member of our team will visit the School each week to water and weed the growing areas to keep them nurtured so they do not dry up and die for your return and disappoint the children and staff.  Price guide included below.

Option 6 – SLA Grounds maintenance; Grass cutting / strimming, hedge cutting, weed spraying – fence lines, car parks and pathways, trees pruning, flower borders maintaining, baskets and pots filled, top up bark or mulch to borders, top soil provided.

Bespoke packages are available on request.  To discuss your requirements, please contact us.

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