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Allotment Growing Lesson Plans.


These are our freshly developed LESSON PLANS titled “LEARNING without WALLS” – Series 1, Specifically designed and formatted for teachers and learners to follow.

They have been specially developed by an approved OFSTED inspector and have also been looked at by a number of Head Teachers with excellent feedback. They are designed and formatted for Schools to follow, linking in with many current curriculum targets and subjects, based around "Growing" - Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs & Plants.
There are a series of mini-projects that can be delivered in the classroom in which the children carry out, including the Learning OUTCOMES and OBJECTIVES.
They can be used for All Primary Key Stages 1 and 2, as well as Secondary Education Key stage 3 and 4, year after year.
They are in Microsoft 2003 and 2007 format with a power point presentation along with the lesson plans to guide and follow you through the subject matter. They can be adapted and personalised to suit your requirements, enabling you to customise and record your own notes on them.
There are 9 different subjects with 9 PP presentations. These are divided into 17 Lesson Plans as below.
Also contained on the disc is extra "Support Material" relating to growing Herbs, and "Useful Web Links"
  1. Mini Greenhouse
  2. Compost
  3. Roots & Shoots
  4. Soil v Hydroponics
  5. Germination
  6. Photosynthesis
  7. Speed of Decomposition (Compost)
  8. Extracting Starch
  9. Herb Garden covers lessons 9-17

The CD´s are re-writable and of high quality and have a 700MB storage capacity allowing you to add your own material to the disc as and when you require.

Based on current Teachers Salary and the amount of work needed to produce the material and format the disc we estimate the value to be worth around £400 - £500. The disc can be used for all key stages year after year.

As an Introductory offer you can purchase the disc now for only £69.95 including VAT and Postage, contact us today to place your order.

- £69.95 - Lesson Plan CD

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